Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't have time for much today...

...but I did want to touch bases here in hopes that I will make more time to be posting.

Just a few things I've been thinking about lately...

Things I Would Like To do: 

Show Theme
-finish body/muscle abstract series
-Four seasons/Ikebana abstract series
- Design motifs over the centuries and cultures...over-layed and all abstract-like

Other things I have been taking note of: 

funky scarves and covers...I really would love to have one of these, goofy as they are.

Beautiful, GORGEOUS, haunting art here, don'tcha' think?

And then there are things that appeal to my kiddie immature and goofy side, such as this:

These are kind of funky, but I think I would like 'em...I've just got myself all amped for training for a half marathon and getting into running, *which I hate to do, but I need to be healthier and active*. Anyway, I think I would love one of these to accompany me on a run.

And then there are things that I find encouraging/inspiring, as I have always believed in wasting as little as possible in my art and sewing...

And in a time when I feel like I am constantly waiting for life to happen, which I absolutely loathe, I have to remind myself that life is still happening around me, whether I keep doing what I'm doing, or change it up myself. I need to be positive, and take the initiative!
"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
Barack Obama

That's it for now, but I"m sure if I find time later today or tonight there will be more...I have another list of things to post about on my laptop at home. Stay tuned....

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Amber Damascus Scott said...

Okay now I reallyreallyreally want that scarf, and also the tweed jacket on the same page. How do we order them?!?!?