Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday Fun

So, it was a full weekend and a good one at that. It was productive, creative, frustrating and also a great time with my husband.

We had some trying moments with car troubles, but once those were taken care of everything was easy breezy. And one of the best parts of the Saturday was going out to Second Saturday Artwalk, seeing a friend's new business downtown, having a drink with Matt at The Golden Bear and goofing off, and best yet...going to a party with one of the best themes I've ever been to: "Pigtails & Mustaches".

Now usually Matt doesn't like to dress up. Me....well I'll make a little bit of a fool of myself. I don't mind. I know I'm a complete nerd.
So doing these pigtails:
But that just wasn't enough. So I got to scheming. How can I make myself a mustache without spending money and without having to glue hairy itchy things to my face...I've done it before. It's hard for me to handle for very long.
So I went up and looked around my crafty room...and good thing I hold on to too much crap, cuz I had everything I needed right in the house! Problem solved, no $ and it really only took about 10 minutes. 
SO, I made a mustache for both me and my boy (he doesn't grow his real facial hair October-ish). 
And so we have one:

And two:
These are made with thin model building scraps of wood and sticks that I had from a model I build senior year of college, some black craft paint, a glue gun, and in the monocle's case, a medium gauge jewelry threading wire in a gold tone. Easy as pie.

Here is the finished look of min, BOTH pigtails & mustache:

He is simply dashing, isn't he?
haha! Good times!! And here are a few other people's cheap and easy solutions...

It's Panda-Linds

And a little bro & sis photo-op (Lorraine & Matt)

Aren't they cute?
Moral of the story: 10 minutes, scrap supplies & any excuse to act foolish with friends = good times!
I highly recommend this simple little project and party theme!


Bobbi Lewin said...

Acting foolish with friends is the best! I love the mustaches, and that monocle is great!

theBictor said...

I can tell you got extremely excited about the monocle. Such a great idea. But you are always brimming with creativity, even when you're just goofing around.

Lis said...

fabulous idea!

we have a bag of plastic animal noses that get pulled out whenever creativity wanes ... but i love these classic mustaches!

Shannon said...

theme parties are so fun. this looks like a blast and what a great, simple idea. i just got invited to an 80's party - time to pull out the scrunchies, banana clips, leg warmers and blue eye shadow! wonder if i can get my hair to "feather?"

thanks for your recent comments. always love hearing from you.