Thursday, September 9, 2010

Other things that have absorbed my attention

Nerdy, but cute:.

And my personal nerdy favorite because it's so pretty and still kind of mean becuase it's true sometimes! We're all allowed to be a little bit of a moron from time to time. 

I love it!
Oh, and these shoes that NY Mag introduced me to today. . . I love BOTH of these:

One of the many things keeping me busy lately has been a lot of time spent with my family. Gotta' cling to 'em while I can!!And so I give to you, pictures of my brother and I goofing off one afternoon a couple of weeks ago at a hooka bar and then at a local cafe to see a couple bands.

 It all started with a pitcher of Sangria. Yum!

And then we ordered a flavored hooka tobacco (which, this was one flavor I think ripped us off...but we had fun anyway!)

Service was terrible, so Vic started messing around with his fancy smoke tricks. He decided to try something new by blowing his smoke into the pitcher of Sangria...

...and he was pleasantly surprised to find that it just sorta stayed there until shooed away. (okay, so he may have been a little tipsy & easily entertained.)

Vic made friends with the local street entertainer Downtown James Brown. He's annoying, but nice enough. Definitely a downtown staple.

After our little escapade at Kasbah (Rock the Kasbah!) we took a trip over to The Naked Lounge on H Street to wait for a friend's band to play. Since it's so pretty and modern in there, I took some pictures of a couple different areas at the cafe. That's me, with my head in the hole of a partition/space divider on the back patio (which is really just a route to the restroom).

Here is the view of the whole aisle, facing back towards the cafe. The cafe is on the first floor of an old motel converted to commercial space. Very neat and retro.
On the back of the building, like so many places in Sacramento, there is a little rural-like mural painted on the wall, completely contrasting with the modernity of the cafe and commercial space design. It's funky, but fun.

A quote on the wall near the restroom area that I like.


These are more modern funky wall decor that they have in the back halls.

And this pretty much sums up the feel on the interior. So warm, cozy, modern and funky-funky.
I love it.
It makes me wish I still lived in midtown/downtown!! I miss it.

oh well. I have a beautiful house, a wonderful husband, and two great cats out in the 'burbs!!!
I am quite lucky.

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