Thursday, February 24, 2011


Pickin' up the ol' camera again. it's been a while...

Breakfast at Orphan Breakfast House...
 With some Earl Grey...
 Yeah Giants!

 strange stone stacks along the American River (someone musta' been bored)

 not afraid of my shadow...
 More <3 s
 and more shells...
 The mark of a stranger's affections...
 hanging shells . . .

 fallen shells...

 Sticks & Stones...

 wish these fit.
 Freedom isn't's $3.25

 Eskimo kisses!!
 No idea.
 Rock the tunes, yo!

 I should have bought one of these. haha.
 <3 these gnomes!!
 Falafel! YUM!
 ugh, I totally want this set...$25.....SO tempted.


 a little sad.
 So many lines! I am so attracted to it for some reason...
 and this green color. wow.

 MORE <3
 active dog
 Me, myself & I.
 strange stick line-up

 stone stack
 shoreline 1
 Shoreline 2
 Old Sac alley
my <3 .

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