Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back from the Vacay...

Well, I am finally back and have a moment to return to the wonderful world of blogging. Most of my catch-up has been reading. There's so much!! So I basically just read up on the favorites.

So now. How was the vacation you ask? WONDERFUL.
I got to go to D-land, which I always love.
With my Matt-boy, which I always love.
And even better, I got to see friends from both the East coast, West  coast AND a little bit of the ocean...which I haven't been that close to in a while. :o)       LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
I keep forgetting that I lik so much to be near the ocean, even if I don't really go into it.
We took far too many pictures to post, and more of them were goofy than arty. But it was a great time, trust me.

I have plenty of other things to share today rather than bog readers down with cheese-y photos of The Mouse & me.

What else have I been up to then? WELL. I'm not even sure if I'm really allowed to post anything about this yet, but I don't care. I'm excited.
Here in Sacramento one of the free publications that is widely distributed is the SN&R. They have started a program that they partner with the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission to get news racks painted/decorated by members of the community. They pick a topic, get a group of artists who are willing to work on the subject, give them each a gift certificate for supplies and basic guidelines (include logos, return by this date, yadda-yadda) and then let 'em loose.Once the entire group is finished, the Arts Commission does a showing on the local Second Saturday Art Walk, and the SN&R places an ad of each artist with their rack in their publication. Lastly, the rack is placed somewhere within the city for all to see on a daily basis and to distribute the SN&R publication.
So I signed up to participate. I figured, no matter how or what I do it will be an exercise in creativity and going outside my normal boundaries. I also liked the idea of exposure, so I was really banking on the hope that mine wouldn't suck!
This was a HUGE move for someone like me who is typically so passive in using my creativity...especially in a public manner.
The topic was "Green/Recycling" etc. and could be interpreted in any manner. When I pondered the subject I wanted to think more about why it is important to "be green". Why do we care? And I guess for me it boils down to my own personal motivation - the future. And well, if children are the future, then I guess I am green for them. My family, my friend's kids, and ultimately my unborn.
Anywho. It's done. I've turned mine in. I've done the photo shoot. I'm just waiting to hear when the show will be and when the ad will run! It's very exciting for me. Also, a little nerve racking. To break the nerves, I figured I would post pictures of the rack here for you to see. 

I know, it's not what you expected right? yeah. I couldn't make it formal portrait. That just wouldn't be me! These happen to all be of children I know that are special for me, so it has become quite the personal piece indeed.  Just finishing would have been a huge feeling of accomplishment (something I"m not accustomed to), so with it being so personal, it really was hard to let it go. But now, if you're in the Sacramento area and you see this brightness on a street corner/sidewalk, I did that! yay!
What else has been going on? Thanks for asking. I'll tell ya.
So another thing that I did in this moment of "April, you need to put yourself out there more. In any way possible. Just do it!!" that I am having as of late...I submitted a teeny-tiny piece to contribute to the mass public art submission project at The Crocker Art Museum here in Sac. For those who don't know, the museum is quite the monument of Sacramento and has quite a great collection, but didn't really have the space to show even a fraction...until now! There have been additions made to the museum that are all modern and beautiful (previously the museum was made up of a gorgeous Victorian home and a 70's (?) building that was later added for extended viewing space and storage).
Now the museum hasn't opened the addition yet, but it opens in October. For the opening night there is a collaborative art piece. You can view each of the individual submissions and read more about it here:
and you can even leave comments on the pieces, which I also love.
Here was my entry: http://crockerartmuseum.org/hangatthecrocker.com/hang-gallery.html?sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=2&sobi2Id=313

It's not much, but I can't believe I have something in the museum!! hehe. :o)

On a side note, here are a couple of random things that I've been doing.
One is a collage in progress. I suppose it's my response to how I feel working in a hum-drum office all day when my mind is motivated elsewhere..

And this second one is a sketch I did that I don't like, but I do. It's messy, inaccurate, and not proportionate. I think that's why I like it. When I get so strapped down and bogged with detail, accuracy and perfection, this is a reminder that it is okay to not be perfect. To be messy. To be wrong. To live with what is done and not stress to fix the little things that don't really make a difference....especially when you're drawing in the car on a road trip.
You can see on the right side that I started to get all caught up with it...and that's why I wrote what I did..."1/2 crazy, that's me! :)" It just felt right, and I thought it should be shared.

There's more for tomorrow, but it can wait until then! Until then, here's to dreams, acting on ideas and impulses, and putting myself out there.

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