Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a little more catch-up

I wanted to post the few pictures I took at a picnic the other day that caught my attention for some reason. Just more photo studies of fairly ordinary things.
Funny thing is, I was just supposed to be taking pictures of the event (it was a company picnic) but I got so distracted by these lanterns. And they were all sorts of I decided it would make them more interesting if I shot them in Black and White.

Also, last night I went out with my family (dad, step-mom, sister & grandmother) to see a documentary at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival - another thing I highly recommend Sacramentans to see/visit. The documentary was called Reel Injun. I very clever play on words, it told the story of Native Americans and how they are perceived in American culture. It highlighted that the conception of the Native American people was created, elaborated, and falsified via Hollywood Cinema. It ranges from early history to present films. The interesting thing is only now are the Native American people portrayed as a people rather than a hippie or savage extreme. It was quite an interesting way to look at the history of the early Americas and the prejudices that have and sometimes still play out. I don't want to give too much away, but just note...I wasn't too sure about this when I heard about it. I was skeptical going into the movie, and thought that it would be horribly put together for some reason. Hokey, if you will. I was wrong. And glad for it too. Please check out this film, should you have the chance.
You can see a trailer for it here:

That's it for now...not to say that is it for the day though. . .I'll leave you now with a picture of my little sister & I at the doc last night.


Bobbi Lewin said...

That looks like a very interesting film. I'll have to watch for it to come to slc. I love the lantern pics, especially up through the bottom; I can see why you got distracted with that. Thank you for the sweet comment over on my blog:)

Shannon said...

great photos. i really like how they are black and white! cool texture and story in each shot.

Grown Hazy said...

Thank you both, ladies.
and Bobbi - thank YOU for writing. It is a daily dose of enjoyment for me to read.

nanke's stuff said...

Those lantern photos are really wonderful. They are interesting, mysterious, and lovely. Well done! And, thanks for the movie trailer. I would very much like to see that movie. I hope it comes somewhere near me, here in the mitten! nancy

Grown Hazy said...

Oh thank you Nanke!
And just a note - if the movie doesn't happen to come to a theater near you, if you have access to Netflix, it is already available to reserve it for rental when it comes out! I know I'll be watching it again!

Lis said...

Lots of good stuff here! I had heard about the movie, but then it was off my radar, so thank you for the nudge - i will add it to my netflix queue.

the lantern photographs are so intriguing ... i love the angles and how the close ups reveal such interesting patterns, especially in black and white. although, now i would like to see one in color :)

thanks for stopping by my blog ... and one day, when the teacher comes, then you will be ready for yoga!

have a lovely weekend ~

xo Lis