Friday, May 21, 2010

Pass On The Flame

Ever feel the heat of flame within your soul and wonder at it? Does it happen often? Hardly at all? Need some inspiration? Have some to give?
I am constantly inspired by the tiniest little things...and great things...and everything in between. SO I'm crazy & have decided to show everyone what inspires me when I come upon it, whenever the mood strikes me to do so.

So. Pass the flame. Share your inspirations and insights. Or if you'd rather, take a look at mine.
FEEL the warmth of the INSPIRE FIRE.


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Hi April - Love the idea for your new blog. And guess what? You won the gift certificate to my online store. Wheeeee! Send me an email at with your email address and I'll send it off to you! Thanks.


Grown Hazy said...

Thanks Liv!!! So excited! Did you get my email? I sent it on Saturday. Let me know if you didn't & I will re-send.
Thank you again!