Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Weekend's Photos

I went up to Redding to see my Mother for her birthday.
Here are some pictures from the weekend...some are people I love, others are just things I found interesting.
My weekend began with waiting to get picked up from work. When I wait for my ride, I sometimes sit next to these reeds on a bench and watch the breeze sway them. These are also next to a public art fountain area with river rock etc. around it and a quote engraved. 

After getting picked up, and a few delays, then a quick 3 hour jaunt to Redding, we slept. The next day it was go-go-go. We had a BBQ for the momz and so there was lots of food prep, drinks, and trips to the store. But that's the boring part. Here are some pictures from parts of the day.
The Birthday "Girl":

Myself with my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother (we call her "Gram") :

My wonderful (and relaxed husband):

My "Little Brother" (and my momz again)

The step-father snoozin'
and my gorgeous mom again.

And then, I had some time to take a few pictures of things around their place that I love or were interesting to me. My step-father has a natural knack for landscaping, so some of these are strange things he has incorporated into his gardens.
Lastly some pictures of from the drive home:

 All in all, it was a good weekend.

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