Friday, May 28, 2010

Hooray for Interior Spaces!

Just a quickie to post a picture of our dining room all complete (finally!)
I love it! The kid who used to want to be an interior designer in me is elated.
(And now, we won't normally have the table leaf leaning on the wall...It's just to show how much more room we could have!)

Now, who is coming over for dinner? We can now comfortably seat 8!


Amelia said...

hi there,

thanks for visiting and your lovely comments - means so much.

And glad that the child interior designer in you had a chance to come out and be happy! :)


Kayla said...

That is the awesome Bjursta hutch! We have the bjursta stuff in our dining room but not that hutch. Wants it.

Grown Hazy said...

Oh yes Kayla....and I LOVE that hutch. We have the little lights installed on the top so we can get all moody with the atmosphere...inside the cabinet anyway. :o)