Saturday, April 10, 2010

Progress Report of Inside-Out (days 2-4)

Okay, so I am lagging on posting my updates on my e-course "assignments". Here are the 2nd and 3rd days of work that I did.
The first was going through and finding words in magazines etc. that resonate with us and putting them on a page. So of course I broke a couple rules...and really there are no rules since there is no RIGHT way, so I'm okay. :o)
I used TWO pages! And I didn't stay strictly to words. There are a couple images. And of course, I couldn't do it at all if I didn't include some paint! So I have a yellow acrylic mixed with gloss medium layered with a brownish yellow type color reeaaallllly thinned out with gloss medium and kinda' all over. Then a little mica-chip acrylic in select spots and viola.

Anywho, this was the result:

The next day was the same idea...finding things that spoke to me...only with images. And of course I break rules again: TWO pages, a little paint, and oh yes, there's a word included.
And here this one is:

I feel that I really connected with this one. The picture didn't do it too much justice though. I found what I think are the perfect images for me. The lines, patterns, the inclusion of retro fashion and the aged look the paint lends, the pillow lava, the map of my favorite part of my city...perfection for me. :o) There are so many colors and shapes...and yet it is so subtle under the paint layering.

Lastly the 4th day was making "background pages" I was a little uninspired and inhibited when I started doing this, so I have only two (sorry for the poor picture quality). I will be making more later.
Here are my examples:

And that is it for now! More to follow at a later date!


Amber Damascus Scott said...

Do you think you could teach me to do that??

Grown Hazy said...

which part? and yes. Anything for my booboo!

Amber Damascus Scott said...

The cool collage art thingie... I LOVE them. I wanna do it!

Grown Hazy said...

Abso-fricken' lutely! :o)
It can be done. :o) methinks this calls for an art day. :o)

Amber Damascus Scott said...

Well if you're gonna twist my arm...