Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making the Office a place of Relaxation

 I know, it sounds crazy right?? Well, this isn't from any book or course. I just needed to do this for me. When I woke up this morning, I felt HORRIBLE. Headache, tired, upset stomach, you name it. And I was completely un-motivated to come in to work. I just wanted to sleep in and get up later and work on creating something. But alas, I need to make the monies. :o)
So I decided, why does work have to be all that bad? Once I got in and saw my desk, I remembered what beautiful friendly things I surround myself with and decided I would share parts of my desk area to show how I strive to remind myself of the art and family I have and love in my life.
When I feel down I only need to look around and it is an instant uplift.
So, here it is. Bits & pieces of my little area at work.

First up is the wall next to my computer, always in my peripheral: photos by Ansel Adams, a Marilyn Monroe calendar, custom artwork by my 6 yr old sister, and colorful framed prints by Robert Rauschenberg 
and Paul Klee.
And here is my little attitude I display every day with a different little quip each day and a photo of my grandfather that I always keep near my computer at every job I've had for the past 8 years. He's my constant reminder that even when you don't know what you're doing, hard work and a lot of willingness to learn and a little faking it will get you through anything.
This is my wall of LOVE. Cause all you need is LOVE. I happen to fully believe that, and I also love The Beatles, so it's all appropriate. These are family and friends wall. I adore them all. They remind me every day what I strive for...a life full of happiness and LOVE.  (Have I sad LOVE enough yet?)
Here is my daily attitude. I hardly ever change this. But it's cute.

The next two are cards I've been given that I just love. I have great friends.

Next: I am so in awe of this artwork here...this is something my brother drew and never completed...but I think it's stunning just the way it is.When I "grow up", I want to be able to create things that emote the way that this one does for me.  We'll just ignore the fact that he's younger than me and creating these things. haha.

And Lastly, but certainly NEVER least...what I have right next to my computer screen and see all day:
My scribble pad to write down names of artists/events/books that I want to look into and pictures of my husband and I on our wedding day (and of course my sister-in-law and I years ago!!).
*Sigh* I love to look at his face and smile each day.


Yeah, I guess going to work isn't all that bad after all.

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