Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Here is what I have from Day 1 of the INSIDE OUT e-course I'm taking with Shannon Kinney...
So far the course is great. Relaxing and not over-ambitious and stressful. I'm liking taking my time with myself and my creation, and Shannon asks simple questions that when you stop to think about it, are pretty easy to answer. What makes it so wonderful and different?? You never realize you knew the answer until you really look inside and answer without over thinking it and just answer from within.
I know, I KNOW. I sound more and more like a hippie everyday. Whatever. :op
Here are the two things that I did for the class yesterday...I have yet to do today's.It's nothing extravagant, just getting warmed up.

This one is a free form to express what I want to get out of/do, etc. through the e-course.

 The second one is the intention statement for the course, as I wanted to write it. Dated, signed and committed!

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