Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Classes and Books

Well, since I am not in school any longer, and I have a need to teach myself something...not only am I in an e-course to help spur on my inner enlightenment creatively, personally, etc....but I am also reading a little book that so far makes me stop and in a most cliche way say, "Holy crap. Someone else really does think like me out there in the world....There might be hope for me yet!!".
If you're an artist and struggling with maintaining your sanity as one while drudging through aspects of your life that "allow" you to live...it's time to start questioning who is really holding you back...society or dum, dum, DUM.... yourself!! *Gasp*

Check out this book if you want to read a little more, and do a few exercises to liberate your sanity a little more...even if while at the office, wherever that may be.

I highly recommend it.

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