Monday, July 4, 2011

While watching SyFy...

We are marathoning all of our favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation since they are on Instant Play on Netflix. I blame this for my inspiration of keeping myself busy while I watch. I decided to do something I haven't done in a while...actually draw. So I took out a permanent marker, some conte pencils and a couple of science-y books to see if there was any inspiration.
I ended up with a few dull pencils and some fun/colorful illustrations. I kind of want to do more now. . .
Can you tell from these close-ups what they are?

Okay, here's the full pictures and what they are:
A Jelly Fish of some sort.
 A Smooth Periwinkle.

A Corpse Flower

A Purple-Sun Starfish.

Fun, no? Thank you Life Nature Library! I want to do a bunch of 'em just for fun. It's a good way to spend time while the Star Trek is going. Just so I can get some artistic nerdiness going on to join my other nerdiness. :o)

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