Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting it Down On "Paper"

So despite my absence, there has been some creativity going on in my life, however minute. Fortunately (and unfortunately) I have been fairly busy off and on at work, so I haven't had as much time to chat it up on here like I like to do. In fact, I don't have a ton of time now, but I wanted to get this out "on paper" before I forgot. Plus, publishing it makes it easier to try and hold myself to something. Makes it more real.
For the past couple months my wonderfully talented husband has been getting himself back into the Sac music scene a little. Nothing heavy. BUT he's writing. He always seems happiest when he's writing, playing, involved in the music community. And so he has started to  host a singer/songwriter open mic at a friend's cafe in downtown (Mondo Bizarro Cafe...if you haven't gone, go!!! support the small biz & my wonderful friends!!)
Because the open mic is every week it provides a creative and social outlet for the hubby and, coincidentally, for me as well. It has become the day of the week that I have dinner with my good friend Cat, and then gather with other folks at the open mic for coffee/tea/cookies/gelato to enjoy the show. But we don't just sit and talk and heckle...oh no. We craft or what-not. There is the Gary, the photographer who documents some of the shows and goings-ons. There is Aaron who, as he also partakes in our sarcastic-dorky social interactions, crochets (or quite impressively folds little squares of paper into amazing miniature origami masterpieces with ease), and then there is Cat who can make any ordinary magnet or lighter, or anything a collage of nonsensical hilarity. I, myself, usually bring magazines and create simple collage compositions with my bizarre sense of humor or "sense".
It is a lot of fun and keeps my creative brain going, and my hands busy. AND I'm socializing, rather than sitting on the couch, watching TV. It's nice.
And to think this ALL started with my husband hosting an open mic, and friends getting together to hang out. In fact, Cat and I started by just randomly drawing back & forth in my sketchbook with permanent markers and crayons.
So someone asked me one day, what I was going to do with these little compositions, and I honestly didn't know. Last night, I figured it out. I think the goal will be to take each of these collages, and re-create them in painting or other format. Keep the basic compositions and colors, but re-create in another medium. And if I can get my crap together this year, then I should be able to do this fairly quickly and hopefully be able to pull of a show where I can hang the original and the larger scale re-creation side by side. I think it could make an interesting show. I'm more curious with how different I can make the images using the same basic criteria. It would give me a chance to experiment with technique and mixing thereof. And hopefully some interesting images will be created too!
SO. That is the basic idea. and I hope to get started soon. And I will scan images of the compositions I have so far, tonight or tomorrow.
But now at least it's out there in cyberspace as more of a reality for me. Now I can bite into it. And to think it all started with sitting with friends at a cafe. Best inspiration EVER.
But until then....I have to go to work unfortunately. haha. Time to walk to the office! See you soon!

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