Monday, October 11, 2010

Damn Curve Ball

No, I'm not commentating on the Giants/Braves game I watched earlier. There is no sport to this post.
It's just that sometimes, life throws them at you. Curve balls I mean, not sports.

This is my wonderful grandmother & I in July:

She hates having her picture taken, and this is the first time I have EVER been able to sneak a picture on her this close up AND smiling. I love this woman beyond belief.
We haven't and don't always agree on everything and I did live with her for a couple years in high school and college, so I must not have always been her favorite person.
 Regardless, we've always been pretty close. She was the one who taught me how to spot a deal, she showed me the ropes in garage sale & flea market shopping, taught me a few things about antiques, making my own barrettes, collecting odd buttons, and definitely not least of all, how to sew  (including how to match the pattern too & line it up so it doesn't look cheap & tacky...this is something that I always look for in store bought goods too & can drive me crazy even now - its actually fairly common - all her fault). She even started to teach me to crochet, but I never did make it further than the first lesson. The one part of it I can do I can do well though!
She taught me about the importance of appearance. I always admired the stories she told about never leaving the house un-made (lipstick at the very least!) and without heels, even if they were just low kitten heels.
And then of course there are the other things she taught me when spending summers with her: farming, how to fry zucchini and jar pickles, how to fish (I still hate baiting the hook, but I sure can cast!), and SO much more.
She used to let me stay up, when I was little, past my bedtime even though my brothers were in bed. We would watch TV and eat baked sugared bananas.
There really are so MANY things I could tell about my grandmother. There really is no end to the memories.
Even now, we get along well and we love to spend time together.

Tomorrow she is scheduled for a Mastectomy. She was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks ago, a couple days before her birthday. The risk is low and the doctor has diagnosed her as stage 0 or 1, which is great. But to avoid the harshness of radiation etc, they have opted for the surgery. It is only a couple of hours long, but Grandma is scared. She has made preparations "just in case". It has been trying on us, and I can only imagine it is a million times worse for her.
We are told everything will be fine, but nerves are on edge.
There is nothing that I can say to make her feel better; the woman who has been there my whole life.

I love her, admire her, and hope with all my heart that everything goes smoothly.

Well, grandma is doing well. They kept her overnight just to keep an eye on her and make sure all is well. She comes home sometime tomorrow barring any unforeseen incidents.

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