Monday, August 9, 2010

The Weekend Project

So I decided that I needed to warm myself up to my old habit of sewing. I really haven't sewn much of anything in the past 4 years. So it was an experience to start again.
The first hour was humorous as I tried to figure out why the machine wasn't running correctly....duh! It needed to be cleaned and oiled! It had been TOO long. So I did that for the first hour.
The project I decided on was pillow covers. When we bought our house, we had an empty guest room. My dad gave us his nice futon he didn't need anymore and that was perfect for the room at the time. One catch - the pillows he gave us with it....well, they weren't really my style. To put it really plainly...they were awful.
So, once we got a bed in the guest room, and moved the futon into Matt's office for the time being, he didn't even want the pillows in his office. When you see them below, you'll understand.
I ended up putting them in my office,and since they're good 20" pillows, I've been using them as floor cushions. Yes, there is a perfectly good chair at my art table that I slide around the room in at times, but lately I've taken to spreading everything out on the floor and chillin' there.
But again - these pillows weren't my thing....and their red & black scheme didn't quite work with my very purple girly room. I found a simple pattern online, had some fabric I had bought on a whim one day that was perfect, picked up some trim, and went to work.
Here you can see the before (on the bottom) and the after on top.

Not bad for just getting back in the saddle. And it was super easy.

and here they are finished and in my office, awaiting me to come and sit and doodle in visually appealing comfort.
Do YOU have a favorite easy sewing project?
Please share! Now that I've started sewing again, I want to keep going. 'Cause if you don't use it, you lose it! Right?