Monday, July 12, 2010

Things that have been catching my interest. . .

These are things of note to me that I either want or am constantly obsessed with or want to try.
So much to see/do, so little time!!!

I want:

Some pretty things to gaze at:

 I sometimes feel this way:

This is so whimsy & beautiful!!

and this my husband would see me wear & would ask, what on earth are you wearing??!? and that might be why I want it! haha.

For whatever reason I have always loved Native American chokers that aren't too over the top. I have a few already, but I love the understated beauty of this one. So simple:

& want to do:

and this


oh! and I have this wonderful window from the old shed at my grandparent's old property that my grandfather built himself and used as a workshop/sanctuary that I want to do this with:

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