Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Need to get that Creative Genius going?

we are all gorgeous creative geniuses.
So get used to the idea of it, with the friendly and soothing help of Andrea of ABC Creativity.
Read her blog & get inspired, OR even better, sign up for her free workshop.
It's easy to do and we could all use the extra time for ourselves, couldn't we? And who better in our lives to pump up, but our own Creative Genius??!
 Whether creative is something you do all the time, or just something you're trying to tap into for the first time, this could be one of many ways in which you could get in touch with that part of you that's waiting to be discovered (more?).
I have only done the first exercise, but so far, so good! It will be good to see what else I can get from myself (and others) from another class to work on me. Shannon's class and blog were a great deal of my sanity and finding of myself as of late. It's good to have another contributor to my mental stability. 
Well, I hope that this looks good to some of you others out there and you are able to participate! I mean c'mon! It's for your betterment AND it's FREE. How often does this opportunity come along?

1 comment:

ABCcreativity said...

thanks april.
so glad you are enjoying this so far!
you really ARE a gorgeous creative genius.