Tuesday, May 18, 2010

welcome back....

...to me. I have been busy/out of town/un-inspired/TIRED as of late, so I haven't really done anything nifty on this here blog. In fact, I have successfully avoided the internet on the whole for the past couple of weeks (for the most part). I'm hoping to delve back in starting today maybe.
So, to kick start this sucker...I have continuously been inspired by a blogger I follow, Bobbi , who does a multitude of things. One of my favorite things that she does is find creative ways to send things. SO I have been creatively sending or wrapping things as well. But the trick is, I don't want to use anything I have to go out and buy...so it's whatever I have in my art room. Sometimes it's tissue paper of all colors and differentiating states of crumple-ness. Sometimes it is layering wrapping paper from different seasons and cutting out words and tapping or gluing them on in lieu of a greeting card...lately for me it has been wrapping presents or boxes to put presents in, in magazine images that remind me of the person I'm giving them to.
Case in point, Exhibit A: My amazing photographer friend who shares an interest in anything pin-up, macabre, and slightly strange...his birthday present



I kept things simple. I think Raffia always has a rough, manly exuberance, hence the Raffia as ribbon. That all kind of goes with the bizarre Marc Jacobs advert and the mini-Vogue Lady Ga-Ga photo. (It's a long story, but we have a strange fascination with her...not her music. That stuff is crap). And of course the simplicity of a fat sharpie marker. I have a lot of fun with that.

Then recently there was Mother's Day. I didn't get to see my mom on the actual day and I only got to see her for a brief lunch a few days later (curse those miles between us!) so I wanted to make her gift appear a little more special. So I again used magazine images to capture things that remind me of my mom. There's not a lot that you can see from this. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the inside lid that contained images of Elvis, glasses like my mom's old horn-rimmed cat eye glasses from the sixties and my hand written sharpie letter to my ma. But you get the idea.
 And Lastly for the day, a couple pictures of the goodness I bought at the farmer's market by my office on my lunch break.

Flowers for my new dining room (hope to get pics of the complete dining room when the new furniture comes!).

And fresh from the farm for me to make my yummy chilled glass of carrot-blackberry juice --- HUGE carrots!! YUM!

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