Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Inside Out Days 5-8

So I am still slow in posting updates for the e-course I'm taking, but I'm getting there!
I will start with showing a couple more of the background pages I had done:

Playing is fun.
And why now are the next few pages something akin to what my friend's 2 year old put together? hm. First off, I don't have to explain myself. :o)  Second of all, well I don't have a second of all. But it was fun too. I kept imagining that my 6 year old half sister was sitting next to me and instructing me on what I was doing wrong every time I thought too much about it all. I tried a few different things. I did one with a combination of right & left hands, holding crayons the ridiculous ways you sometimes see children doing it. I probably look like I was a little malformed in fact. Then on another I tried to put the crayon down at one point, and then not look at the paper as I "doodled". I didn't even look at what colors I picked. Lastly I tried putting the crayon down near the center and then not moving my drawing hand but instead, moved the paper around. It's definitely a new way of thinking...perhaps "un-thinking"?

  There were a part of the "beginner's mind" exercise from the e-course (day 8 I think). Don't you wish you knew what I was talking about?? Then you should TOTALLY sign up for the next Inside Out e-course that Shannon Kinney puts on.

I was so inspired one day that I started a tiny piece, just playing with left over paint, ink, and texture. I still have to actually do something with it, but what a fun little start. And here it is.


theBictor said...

I really enjoy the bleed-tastic look of the first three. Your play with color is seems whimsical but never careless.
The crayon activity looks fun. I could see myself slapping my hands, trying to over think it. I find this e-class that you're taking interesting. I would love to do it if I had the time. Keep it up!

Grown Hazy said...

Thank you brother dear.
It's hard to let go of that control, but sometimes you just gotta'.