Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Adventures in Logo Creating...

So, here I go again. I've started working on yet another idea that I have for the whole "Iron Butterfly" logo. So the whole idea this time is that since it's "Iron Butterfly International", why not make it look like a logo that has traveled a bit and create a worn looking butterfly stamp.
Here is part of my process and the work done so far.

So first I found a picture of an old stamp that was schmancy. I like the amount of detail and the faded look of old stamps. Of course, I was going to change all of that. SO what I did first was that I layed out my version with simple shapes in Illustrator. I can't have my biz lookin' too schmancy. Then I filled in my Pop colors. Then I did another layer for shadow and slight detail.  All of this consisted the frame area (in comparison to the real stamp photo, all of the red area).  Once I did the detail/shadow layers, I did the text. I'm not sure how I like the font yet, but it's good enough for now.  All that was left after the font find was to clean up my lines and vector points. So that took forever...haha. It's still not perfect, but I don't think it's too much of an issue at this point.
Then I took a butterfly into Photoshop and simplified her. She got the cutout art -effect (gee, do you think I like to start there a lot) and then bumped up the contrast and simplified the lines/detail. I wanted the effect to be striking and pop-o-matic like the Illustrator bit. After I did those little adjustments I put the Flutterby into the illustrator piece and did my best to make it fit in.
Here was my result at that point:
And to tell you the truth, I love this eccentrically bright presentation right here. Too bad I had to go ahead and rough it up. mwhahahahahaha.
Actually it was interesting because, at this point, I had to do the thing I"m not so good at....bring it into Photoshop and play it with there. This is interesting only because I have barely any idea what to do with myself in Photoshop. Thank goodness for the internet. So after looking at a few different tutorials and doing a few google searches on how to do simplistic things that I have no idea how to do, I found what I think I was looking for and implemented it in an okay albeit amateur manner. I would break down everything I did for you here, but I'm not quite sure I could repeat it. haha. 
 Anyway, here is my final result for the day.

Any thoughts? Especially from those of you who might actually know what they're doing in PS? 
Thanks! Have a great one!

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theBictor said...

Looks great! I really enjoy the color scheme-- it's not too over saturated. My eyes want to linger in the negative space above the butterfly. Maybe you might drop the "Iron Butterfly" text a little lower, or enlarge it to draw a little more lime light.