Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Okay, so I really haven't been into the blogging thing in QUITE a long time. I just wasn't inspired, or when I had time I had no thoughts. Worse yet, when I had things I really wanted to jot down...I failed to get it down somewhere. And of course, then I forget.
To catch-up let me just summarize by saying that changes have been made and I have vowed that this year I will be more productive with my creativity and aspirations that I can control.

I have already re-vamped my art space/room and now I plan on getting back into it. I have gone through magazines for inspiration of form, I have torn out pages for collage elements, I have started sketching again, although lamely I might add, and I have started brainstorming on themes.

Oh and in case you haven't noted, I've decided to push this "blog" more into the creative/artistic subject matter. Otherwise, I don't think that I will ever get anything done.

SO. Yeah. One project I am working on is that I have been researching books being used by the local colleges for art students and trying to find out their new/used/rental costs and comparing them to amazon's new/used pricing and experimenting with the idea of trying to start a small online e-bay store or something in cahoots with vendors who are able to provide reasonable drop-ship pricing. We shall see if this is a feasible idea. I can't do a real bookstore, so off I venture into the possibility of virtual entrepreneurship. Woot. I am very cautious of such a thing, but hey whatever. It's just something to fill the time.

Secondly...I am supposed to be working on writing a children's book that my brother has already kindly agreed to illustrate..but I am sucking at that. For some reason, the writing just wont come lately. I can vaguely picture the idea of who the characters are, what they look like...but all other inspiration is down the toilet. I can't place why.

Lastly, I have a bunch of blank canvases and papers and paints etc that are just WAITING for me to do something with them. I gotta get to it.
I started a series last year that I was enjoying. I finished 10 of them. They are framed and ready for a show. I've done a group show with them. I just feel like I want to do more of them, but I haven't. Argggggggggggggh.
If I can get a decent picture take of them/one, I will post. Perhaps someone out there can help motivate me to finish the series. I originally was aiming to do 50.

Well, that's a start to getting back into this blogging thing. I'll try to update once weekly at the very least.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share.
10 down...40 to go.


Amber Damascus Scott said...

Hooray for ART!

So um... About this childrens' book you're writing... I know this girl... She enjoys writing... She works with kids... If you had any interest in a collaboration she MIGHT be interested. You should call her... ;)

Grown Hazy said...

ohhhhhh good to know!