Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So this is it. Welcome.

I'm not quite sure why I decided to start another blog. Maybe because I've had so much going on lately and no "creative" outlet to relieve stress? Or maybe just because Alyssa's was so damn adorable I couldn't resist to try this whole blogging trend again.
It's been a really long time. So what do I say?
Matt and I are in the process of buying a house. A brand new one. I say this in fear of jinxing us. You see, it seems every other home we've made an offer on or started some sort of process on, once we've told a lot of people about it...well, it doesn't happen. This time around neither one of us said a word to ANYONE until we had some of our papers signed and received official paperwork form the mortgage/title company/builder.
Whew. What an exhausting process...and we haven't even hit the end of escrow yet. On short month and then it's just a matter of completion of construction.
So far the time-line has the home completed just weeks before the wedding. yikes. And then more insanity. Calamity might be better fitted to description. It will most definitely be interesting. Another move. ugh.
But then, I can not wait to have a home for just us again. I would all most rent again just to remember what it was like to be just Matt and I and our cats. And silence. And peace. And space.
ahhh...soon enough.

In the mean time the wedding is only 4.5 months away. After taking a few weeks of ignoring any responsability connected to the wedding, things are starting to pick up once more.
Most of the wedding is put together now. I think. I hope. I just hope it goes without a hitch. I had wanted small, simple, comfortable, us. It will instead be large, fairly simple, hopefully comfortable and I hope against hope that I can still pull of the feel of a modern-classic (remember, I like contradiction, so this would be one example of application). I just hope it isn't disjointed mess. Because if I have to move frantically one week and have a disjointed mess of a wedding the next, well...let's just say I'd be disappointed. Luckily it's just a wedding, right? ha. I'm sure no matter what we'll have a very memorable blast.
And at the risk of sounding horrible, I just can't wait for it all to be over!


Alyssa & Family said...

It's a wedding, dude. I'm sure it will be kinda frantic at times. But just breathe. Once you get through the wedding part of it (getting TO the wedding is the hardest part), it will be super fun.

Where are you guys living now? Who with? Good luck on the house!

Grown Hazy said...

We're living in the same house we had you at last time you were out. We're in the process of buying a house about a mile and half from here.
Our "roommates" are Matt's parents - they came back from Europe a year early. We've been co-habitating for since November. It could be a lot worse...it could be a little better...This is where I must remind myself that I am blessed and get over it.
Thanks for the luck! We need it!