Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skating Rinks Could Influence World Peace

Today as I was trying to get a bottle of water from the vending machine I was given a glimpse of my childhood. As I lifted the crisp, brand new dollar bill up to the cash feeder, which was just at perfect alignment with my nose, I caught that dry new money smell. I can never really explain the scent, I can only associate it with one thing. The roller skating rink and junior high. I spent EVERY weekend and every few Thursdays at the skating rink with my friends. And I used to be able to dance on skates, skate backwards, I was SO cool. . .or so I thought. Regardless of my perceived level of coolness, I always had fun. WE always had fun. I can't pinpoint either what exactly the smell of money has to do with skating, but I think it has to do with knowing our parents gave us "a lot" of money. We got to act out on our own like adults in an awkward time that most adults still treated us as children. It was our clique. I can't say that I've ever grown out of that awkwardness, but now I'm supposedly an adult. I haven't gone skating in years, and I know that skating rinks are dominated by knee-height noisy little-people that I would demolish if I fell on or near...but I always wonder. Am I too old to go skating?
When do we decide that we're too old to have fun? Why is it that fun has to be so much more complicated (for the adventurous) or lethargic (for the lazy) when you're an adult? One or the other. There is no in between. So small-minded. No room for genuine enjoyment.
I love to laugh. I love music. I like being active (catch that change from love to like?)
So why can't I go to a skating rink, have fun, laugh, dance to music, sing with it, and skate around in circles? You know what we really need?? Adult Skating Rinks. I know, that sounds skeezy, but I don't mean it that way at all. I know it would never really succeed seeing how adults have this idea of needing to be perceived a certain way and skating in circles is COMPLETELY childish. But wouldn't that be something if we could all just skate in circles, do our thing and just not care. I think I've found the secret to world peace. Let's throw all those militant f'ers into a skating rink with some tunes and lock 'em in.
What about the issues of hunger? Well, skating rink food isn't good per say, but it's all a part of the experience. Nacho cheese can bring them all together.
Like to make a fashion statement? Grab a couple of quarters and get some stickers. Everyone have different taste in music? Just pass along a request to the DJ. He'll play that song. Everyone can get along and still be individual. It's a revelation waiting to happen.
Okay, so I've ranted and I'm not making any kind of logical sense. So what. I couldn't help it.
The smell of that crisp dollar bill brought it on.
Point is. I used to skate, and I loved it, and I can gladly say that I have spent many a dollar bill for the cause of good memories.

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