Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The real announcement, and some catch up

So, my dear sonny boy came about 12 days early, on May 1st. I have been busy figuring out what I can about this parenthood stuff, and am enjoying most every minute of it. Emphasis on EVERY minute...which is why I haven't been able to get any constructive things done on this blog until that I'm back at work (boo!) Still, on the bright side I have a beautiful boy by the name of Jacob James Woodcheke. He was born 5/1/12 at 5:55 pm and was 7lbs 15oz /19 inches. The labor was not that bad, all things considered and hasn't completely scarred me to the point that I wouldn't consider having another.
This photo was taken only a couple days ago, so that puts him at about 3.5 months.
He's such a happy boy. :oD

I'm sure that I'll be including other photos of him soon enough that show how completely adorable he is...I may be biased. Oh well!

In other news, to review from my last post...the art show went well. I sold 4 pieces and had a WONDERFUL time. I was big as a house, and exhausted by the end of it, but it was really a special time. All my family who are nearby made it out, and some of my best friends. And to top it off, my DH booked some of my favorite bands to play the night away, including his own. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the husband's band for some reason, but I do have pictures of the other two and of the general set-up of part of my show. The new pieces aren't shown and I haven't had photos taken of them yet, so again it will have to wait for another time.
Here is a look at what went down!
This was the set-up for half of the show. These are the anatomy paintings that I have posted pictures of before. I thought it came out well...and it helps that my buddy Taylor is a master and perfectionist, so I have to give him and his beautiful GF the credit in hanging my show so spectacularly (and for buying some of it too!) They really knew how to make a girl look good. This is the only picture I remembered to take of the art though. oops.

Here we have the always awesome Sal Valentino (formerly of the 60's band The Beau Bremmels) with a guest singer and of course, David Houston (from the 60's band Public Nuisance).
The always impressive and all-around nice guy Shawn Hale on bass.

David Houston and Shawn Hale accompanied by the amazing and beautiful Allison Seconds. She has one of the most beautiful voices in Sacramento!!

And my loving boys - Dad & Hubby

The in-laws. My sissy Lorraine and mom-in-law Denise.

And here is my good friend Gary (amazing photographer - ugh! It's ridiculous how talented he is!) and in the background my DH again and another musician friend of ours, Larry.
And so that was my night in a nutshell. It was full of family and friends and music and art. I'm in love with nights like that. And it was perfect being only a few weeks before the arrival of my new love - Jacob!
I will try to post more often now, and more importantly, more pictures of the wee one!

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