Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Okay, so quick update.
Although I have been absent here, I have been busy...makin' a baby. Our little boy still isn't here yet, but the clock is ticking down. He is due in May and that ain't far away!
In the mean time, since I've been a little less mobile I have taken to learning to knit and to cook more at home. Which really isn't a bad thing at all.
Knitting is interesting to me and I've started picking it up fairly quick. Still working at it, but getting there.
Artwork itself has been more of a concept than anything for me as of late. I have had an idea here and there, but no real motivation as of yet. Last month Matt broke his musical silence and not only built a new bad, but also wrote and recorded an album in 3 weeks and had a kick-ass CD release show at a cafe. It was awesome, inspiring, and he makes me SO proud.
He also motivated me.
A week or so after his performance I received a call asking me to be the artist for the month of April (naturally). And even though that gave me a month, I don't have a lot prepared. SO what I decided to do is say yes. Now I have a few weeks to get this show together!!
Forever ago I created the 10 small pieces based on muscles (you can find that post in the past somewhere on here) and extend from that. Originally I wanted to do 50 similar small pieces, but I think it has evolved. I'm bored with the muscles now. At least, those ones. haha. I have somehow turned it into muscles/masculinity/biology vs organs/femininity/psychology  and overall body image. dum-dum-dum!
Yeah, we'll see how it works out.
So I have 10 small works. I am working on finishing one medium piece from the past, and I am doing at least 5 brand new pieces. woot!
How's that for motivation. All from my loving husband. :o)
And I'm hoping that this inspires me to do more once I am on leave from work. We shall see. . .
When I get more of these works together, I will post them up!
Welcome back me!

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Bobbi Lewin said...

Can't wait to see photos of your new work - the baby and the paintings!