Thursday, June 24, 2010

works in progress...

I have been very busy as of late...mostly being social, which frankly I can't really afford to do so much anymore...which is fortunate for my art.
I have been in the habit of starting things and not finishing them lately. But slowly I am working on things bit by bit. For example, these are all pieces that I have started on in the last month and hope to finish within the next couple of weeks. They are each very different, and yet somehow, very me. Unfortunately I never feel them complete or fully to my liking. But they all incorporate themes and techniques that I have used I guess this is my niche. I just wish I were more satisfied with them.



Shannon said...

WOW! I'm especially loving the first more. Is this a self-portrait? Tell me more!

Grown Hazy said...

Well, I guess it started with the background color...I was angry and frustrated and when I am, just slapping paint on seems good and natural. Well, then I added the squares just because I like layers and geometric shapes...of course I did that at a different time when my brain was working more mathematically. And lastly I was frustrated about my anger and started a portrait that to me is ugly...but a great reminder that I dislike my anger and I think that a temper is ugly.
But thanks! Glad you like it!! I'll post more when I get closer to finishing!