Friday, April 16, 2010

Photos on My Lunch Hour and Break!

Okay, I got carried away, so some of these are not that great. I was playing with a camera effect that I have on my PHONE. That's right. I said on my phone. Seriously.
So what if my phone has an identity crisis and no flash? It worked for me. So since I was walking around downtown at the same time, I tried experimenting by not taking a lot of time on each photo and sometimes didn't really stop walking (which explains some of the poor cropping and what-not) to take the picture.

And here I am on my walk, from a couple of different views and lighting:

And what better to be next than my favorite flower? A great big beautiful bloom that I found too.
And then I got all fascinated in the textures that I walked by and started snapping those:
And then it was time for some coffee with my dad.

(oops, sideways pops.)
And then it was ALL about the trees and the parks I walked through. I really got caught up in the tree branches and their texture etc. when using this filter.
SO much fun! Sorry for the stretched photos. If you click them you get the normal size photo in your browser.


And then lastly there was my goofing new favorite shoes and a mistake I made that I thought looked fun.


Amber Damascus Scott said...

You already know what I'm going to say, right? SUPER cute shoes!! LOVE them!!

Grown Hazy said...

and once I work my wide-ass feet around all the straps & into them and they're on, they're REALLY comfy! I lucked out!