Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Works in Progress - Home and otherwise

So, just a quick post to show that I am in the process of developing numerous things.
first, the contrast and effect job I do on photos before I do the piece portraits that I was thinking about starting a new series of (like my self portrait in the last post). Here is step one for me. I am happy with the shot I got of him, even when not trying to break it down in order to re-assemble with color blocks. hehe. My brother is quite photogenic.

Okay, what else? Well, I'm working with my dad and using his and my brother's input on this conceptual design for a business. Any feedback from anyone? Any favorites? Tell it here.

Here are the first versions I did.

And then someone said something about my use of this image I converted, so I made some changes. At first I thought that I liked it at least a little. But the more I look at it, a day later...I am not so sure anymore. Okay here's my first issue...I HATE the literal translation of a butterfly image with a name containing butterfly. ugh. How unimaginative. That's why I didn't do it in the first place. At least not for this design. I think there is just too much going on.
Where the texture is kind of neat, I think it takes away from the rest of the image. Although it does almost look like some kind of tribal tattoo across the woman's face. That part is okay with me. hehe.
So yeah. Still trying to figure out where I want to go with this one.Also, I don't feel like the color of the font is translating that well now that I look at it again. hrrrmmmmmmmmmm. what to do, what to do?
Okay. So since I already had forced myself to dabble in the world of literal translation, I did another butterfly logo, but simplified it. It looks nice and clean. I could live with it. It doesn't drive me bonkers. Even if it is overly girly. OH well.
Here it is here.

And that pretty much sums it up so far. I have a couple other ideas. If I can get them together tonight, then I will post an addition. I know I have one more idea floating around.
I will also try and post my progress on the portrait of my bro as well.
Anywho. That is all she wrote today peeps (for now).
Help contribute to my crazy design headaches!

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